Driving Awareness

Your Responsibilities:-

Driver responsibilities are listed below in order of priority, Read and understand the contents of the Driver Awareness manual. You are responsible for100% of its content.

  • Drive a Loading Van, truck, Recovery van in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Load and Unload freight in a safe manner.
  • Ensure that all freight picked up or delivered is:
    • Checked in and properly recorded
    • Secured properly
    • Loaded according to vehicle size and weight restrictions
  • Comply with all CARGO CAB safety standards including submitting all documents as requested.
  • Ensure all overages, shortages, and damages are reported on time and properly to your SUPERVISOR, CSR or Manager.
  • Complete the following as needed according to our standards:
    • Standard forms (if required and issued by Cargo Cab)
    • Pre/Post Trip Inspection
  • Inspect and Report the following:-
    • Accidents
    • Incidents
    • Injuries
    • Any damage at customer’s premises
    • Freight overage, shortage or damage
  • In accordance with Rush procedures:
    • Please extend courteous behavior to the motoring public, shippers, plants, enforcement officers and fellow drivers.
    • Be well acquainted with the Regulations and obey the provisions relating to drivers, equipment, and cargo being transported in states and municipalities in which you operate.
    • Pick up and deliver freight on time without exception.
    • Drive only when you are in good mental and physical health.
    • Always carry your CDL.
    • Wear glasses or any other devices as required by your medical examiner or as required by your CDL.
    • Never operate a vehicle while you are impaired by fatigue, illness or any other condition that may make it unsafe for you to drive.

Requirements (knowledge, skills and abilities)

  • Driver must comply with DOT regulations.
  • Driver must be at least 23 years of age.
  • Driver must have a commercial driver’s license.
  • Driver must be able to pass a physical and drug screen test.
  • Driver must maintain a valid CDL with no more than six (6) points or any speeding violation of 15 miles over speed limit or greater in the last twenty-four (24) months
  • Driver must have the ability to understand and accept directions.
  • Driver must have a good understanding of using a map.

Appearance and Attitude

Cargo Cab expects that all of our drivers be professional. Whether you are with a customer, talking to another driver or associate, or at a truck stop pumping fuel. Your attitude should reflect positively on the company. Cargo Cab also requires you to look professional. Drivers should always be clean and neat. You may wear a T-shirt and jeans, no sleeveless shirts or open-toed shoes such as sandals. Cargo Cab clothing is available from our office should you choose to get shirt, jackets etc., etc., you can contact your dispatcher to get more details.

Safety Guidelines & Policy

CARGO CAB is committed to maintaining a safe working environment for all its employees. CARGO CAB will comply with all applicable safety and security laws and regulations, such as those established by RTA, Municipality and all other federal, state and local safety and health agencies.

Cargo Cab will make every effort to assure that generally accepted safe practices are followed by all our drivers and employees.

Safety Guidelines Procedures

The safety philosophy of Cargo Cab reflects and communicates our proactive corporate attitude toward safety. 

All CARGO CAB associates or individual drivers have a responsibility to themselves and to the company for their safety and the safety of their coworkers. All drivers are required to: 

  • Comply with all federal, state and local laws and regulations relevant to their work.
  • Observe all company rules related to the safe and efficient performance of their work. 
  • Integrate safety into each job function and live by this philosophy in the performance of job duties.
  • Report or correct/repair unsafe practices and equipment.
  • Report any accident that occurs while on the job. 

Protecting Company Information 

Protecting Cargo Cab Company’s information is the responsibility of every associate. We all share a common interest in making sure it is not accidentally disclosed. Please do not discuss CARGO CAB’s confidential information with anyone outside the company; the violating individual will be disciplined also.

Disciplinary Procedure 

All safety rules, regulations, plans and procedures in effect at Cargo Cab must be followed. Upon violation of any company safety rule, the violating individual will be disciplined. The list of possible disciplinary actions includes the following: 

Step 1:- Verbal reprimand: 

An informal discussion concerning the incorrect safety behavior will take place as soon as possible after the supervisor becomes aware of it. 

Step 2:- Written reprimand: 

A written form that documents the safety misconduct will be presented to the associate and a copy will be placed in the associate’s personnel file. 

Step 3:- Warning of probation: A written form will document the safety misconduct and warn the service provider / driver that another incident of the behavior will lead to termination. This form will be presented to the service provider / driver and a copy will be placed in their personnel file. 

Step 4:- Suspension: A period of time during which the service provider / driver will not be awarded with any job. 

5 th & Final Step: - Dismissal/Termination of Contract: The permanent separation of a service provider \ driver from the company, initiated for disciplinary reasons. Upon violation of any company safety guideline or rule, the service provider / driver will be disciplined. The severity of the disciplinary action will be in direct correlation to the severity of the safety violation. 

CARGO CAB prides itself on being an industry leader in safety and service. We strive to continuously improve our performance in both of these areas. As a measure of continual improvement, CARGO CAB and its affiliated companies / individuals has revised and improved their log auditing process to better ensure that all drivers are operating within the guidelines of Federal Safety Regulations and the RTA Act. The following information is provided to ensure your understanding of the attached policy. 

Service Provider / Individual Driver Qualification and affiliation Policy  

Cargo Cab believes that our service providers & drivers are our most valuable assets, and that the success of the company is determined by the quality of its associates. 

Because of these beliefs, the personnel selections of the company are extremely important. The company is committed to hiring only the best and most qualified available service providers & drivers.

To help carry out this commitment, CARGO CAB has implemented the following driver qualification procedures.

Qualification Procedures 

CARGO CAB’s service providers & individual driver hiring qualification standards and procedures have been developed to achieve two goals. 

  1. The first goal is for the company to meet or exceed all Federal & RTA Safety Regulations concerning driver qualification. 
  1. The second goal is to select only the best available service providers & drivers: drivers who share CARGO CAB’s values and goals of operating in a safe, legal, and professional manner. 

Affiliation Standards 

For a current list of CARGO CAB’s affiliation standards, please contact our the Operation department: info@cargocab-app.com 

Cargo Cab’s affiliation standards require all associates companies or individual driver applicants to follow the below mentioned terms:- 

  1. Driver’s should be minimum of 23 years of age, and have a minimum of 6 months verifiable driving experience within the United Arab Emirates. 
  2. Candidates with more than 03 MAJOR ACCIDENTS in the last three years could be rejected. 
  3. Cargo cab has a driver training program as well. Please contact the Operation department for details info@cargocab-app.com 
  4. Cargo Cab's affiliation standards require that only those drivers should be considered for the job with 3 or fewer chargeable or preventable motor vehicle accidents within the past 3 years. Because of Cargo Cab's commitment to safety, service providers & driver who fail to meet the above standard will not be considered for affiliation by the company. Preventable accidents of the following nature will automatically disqualify any candidates: 
    • Preventable rollover 
    • Preventable jackknife 
    • Preventable rear-end collision 
  5. Any driver with an accumulation of three preventable accidents of any nature within 3 years will not be considered. Any existing driver shall be terminated for the same. 
  6. For Heavy Trucks :- Any service provider’s or any individual driver that dropped a trailer with the landing gear in the raised position shall be terminated, subject to review for mechanical failure.
    An applicant company’s driver / individual who have incurred more violations than the above standard has demonstrated a pattern of unsafe driving behavior which Cargo Cab finds unacceptable in any prospective driver associate. 
  7. Cargo Cab will not consider for any associate’s or individual driver (willing to get affiliated) convicted of any drug or alcohol related offense involving the operation of a motor vehicle while within the past 5 years, or any history of an offense involving the operation of a commercial vehicle while impaired by alcohol or drugs, or any history of refusing to undergo drug or alcohol testing. CARGO CAB has a ZERO tolerance policy for drug and alcohol use.
  8.  Cargo Cab will not consider for affiliation associate’s driver or an individual driver applicant who has been convicted of reckless or careless driving of a motor vehicle offense within the past 5 years. Drivers convicted of operating a motor vehicle with willful and wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property is considered to be unsafe by the company. This kind of behavior is unacceptable in any prospective driver representing CARGO CAB.
  9. Cargo Cab will not consider any company or individual driver applicant for affiliation who has been convicted of a felony involving the use of a commercial motor vehicle, or leaving the scene of an accident while operating a commercial motor vehicle.
  10. Drivers (either associate company’s driver of individual driver) will be expected to converse with other company employees, our customers, and the general public. Therefore, Cargo Cab requires all drivers should be able to read and speak the English language sufficiently to be able to perform all duties and functions of the job.
  11. Driver applicants will also be required, because of experience, training, or both, to be able to:
    • Safely operate a vehicle
    • Determine and execute proper cargo securement procedures.

Driver Orientation 

As a condition of affiliation all newly drivers will be required to successfully participate in and complete Cargo Cab’s 01 day driver orientation program.

Driver Orientation and Training Policy

Cargo Cab is committed to having all drivers new to the organization participate in and successfully complete its driver orientation program. Our goal is to make certain that all new driver & associates start their work with Cargo Cab with proper training, the right tools and equipment, appropriate driver support systems, and a thorough understanding of company policies and procedures to perform all functions and duties of their job in a safe, legal, and professional manner. 

Driver Orientation and Training Procedures 

Welcome and thank you for choosing Cargo Cab for what we hope will be a safe, prosperous, and fulfilling business relation. The company you choose to get associate for is an important and sometimes difficult decision to make. As a driver or associate for Cargo Cab, we value you as a very important part of our organization. For this reason, we believe your decision to join us was the right one. We also believe that by working together with honesty, respect, and trust, we can build a long lasting, mutually beneficial, and rewarding relationship.

Personal Appearance and Conduct 

All drivers working with Cargo Cab are expected to dress, look, and act like professionals. Maintaining a positive, professional, and safe public image is extremely important to Cargo Cab. Our drivers are our most visible company representatives to the general public and to our customers, and therefore, need to maintain the highest personal appearance and conduct standards. 

Drivers for Cargo Cab are expected to follow all company policies and procedures, and abide by all customer plant safety rules. Our drivers will be trained in, and expected to obey, all federal and state laws and regulations. All Cargo Cab associates are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner while at work or on duty. Courtesy and mutual respect for others will be demonstrated at all times. All associates are expected to conduct themselves in this manner, and should expect the same treatment in return. Associates who feel they are not being treated in this manner are to contact their immediate supervisor or Operation Manager for resolution of their concerns. 

Cargo Cab does not tolerate sexual harassment by any employee, associate, or customer. Any employee who feels they are being subjected to, or are a victim of, any form of sexual harassment has the right to bring the complaint to their immediate supervisor, or to Operation Manager, without fear of retaliation. 

Driver Qualification 

According to RTA & other Federal institution’s rules, the following documents must be renewed on a regular basis: 

  1. Annual renewal of vehicle from RTA by obtaining a renewed ownership certificate after physical checkup at any of Government’s approved passing center.
  2. Annual review of loading / offloading passes as required in different states.
  3. Annual review of entry passes required in different free zone around the country
  4. Annual review of driving record from licensing authority, RTA, Police and other related federal or regional institutions to obtain Certificate of Violations. 

Our Safety Department will review these records and be responsible for monitoring compliance. They will notify drivers of upcoming expirations of documents. Upon notification, all drivers will be responsible for immediately updating these records before their expiration dates. Failure to keep these documents current will result in a driver being disqualified for any job until such time as the record is updated. 

All associate company’s drivers or individual drivers will have in their possession while operating a company vehicle, a valid and proper trade license issued by the state of their residence. Company or individual driver whose company trade license has been suspended, canceled, or revoked for any reason must report to the Operation Department. Associate companies or individual driver whose licenses are not valid will not be allowed to get a job lead. Any driver will be disqualified from driving if they violate regulations as listed in Sections above. The company will fully comply with these disqualification regulations, and under no circumstances will any exceptions be made. 

Controlled Substances and Alcohol Overview 

Cargo Cab is committed to a drug and alcohol free environment. Use of alcohol or the use, sale, purchase, transfer, possession, or presence in one's system of any controlled substance (except medically prescribed drugs) by any driver while on job, engaged in company business, while operating vehicle or while operating under the authority of Cargo Cab is strictly prohibited. The RTA has issued regulations which require Cargo Cab to implement a controlled substances testing program. Cargo Cab will comply fully with these regulations and is committed to providing all of its customers with a safe and drug free atmosphere.