Cargo Services


We provide a service that can be specifically tailored to meet your needs in terms of scope and size, so no matter what your requirements, we have the capacity to fulfill your needs.

Regardless of what and how far you are moving and the amount of stuff you bring with you, you will need a truck. Either way, there are many different trucks and vans designed for different moves. We can provide everything from 10 tons temperature controlled trucks, to heavy trucks through scheduled bookings and small 1 ton trucks, medium sized 5 tons, plus many more options.


In addition to our cargo services, we also offer optional personal assistant services to assist with your shipment or indeed relocation, everything from professional installers, to helpers. These services are useful where customers require practical support and reassurance throughout the moving cycle.


We complement our domestic and cross border truckload services with a full menu of pre-scheduled freight management services that increase our capabilities and capacity across the GCC. With a specialization in full load intermodal and truckload markets, our expertise encapsulates everything from standard freight to specialized loads.


Cargo Cab continues to grow and adapt our company, to meet our customer’s needs. We offer a wide variety of external services and affiliations that are tailored to fulfill gaps in the supply chain. We pride ourselves on the partnerships we have forged and always strive and succeed to find a solution that is absolutely right for your cargo to transport the goods.