CARGO CAB is a new app that allows valued customers to get vide range of services through one APP. These services includes, Towing, Road side Assistance, Booking a truck or cargo van of their choice, along with Movers & Packers services through one single click and without paying for a membership.

CARGO CAB APP provides fast, on-demand variety of services through one APP instead of several apps for different services. Download the app from Play Store for your Android Phone & App Store for your iPhone for free. Just download and start using it without any membership fee of extra charges. It is as simple as that.

Yes! We can share it with you upon request. You might need it for your permit application.

Unlike other services providers in the industry, there are no hidden charges. You only need to download the free CARGO CAB APP and request service. An estimate will be given instantly and you are only charged the amount needed for the service.

Yes! We want to offer as much convenience as possible!

Yes! But if you need scheduled booking for Movers & Packers, the only payment option available is online.

Yes! For more details please go to terms and conditions or contact our customer services representative.

Depends upon the nature of Service. For scheduled booking if you let us know at least 24 hours before, then there would be no cancellation charges. But off course if you cancel at the last moment itself or after arrival of service provided at your mentioned address, we can’t give refunds unfortunately as the person or teams are deployed and face significant idle and opportunity costs. Service booked through app have specified mentioned timing for cancellation, please go through the Cancellation / Refund Policy or contact our customer service representative on 04-2438138.

No hidden charges for sure! If there would be additional costs, we will tell you ahead of time. We’re friends, no secrets.

Copy of receipt could be sent to you through E-mail.
NOTE:- Under no circumstances will we move any flammable substances, old tins of paint, creosote, paraffin, matches, gas bottles or similar items as these invalidate any insurance cover.

If you were unable to find the answers to your questions, please visit our Contact Us page for further assistance.



Challenges can appear anywhere anytime but help is minutes away!

Cargo Cab requires no advance reservation for trucking service. We can respond quickly to your last minute requests. However, like anything else, the more advance notice you can give, the better. No matter when you book through Mobile Application or through call your local office you will get the same great rental truck or van and the same great service.

CARGO CAB PORTAL LLC now operating in DUBAI, SHARJAH and AJMAN soon will be expanded all over U.A.E. In coming future we are planning to start in K.S.A, EGYPT, JORDAN, TURKEY, and INDIA and continue to expand into new markets. Click our Locations link to search for a branch near you.

Cargo Cab trucking is the truck and van rental department of the CARGO CAB PORTAL brand. We have chosen best transport providers in the market through solid legal agreement. You'll get the same award-winning customer service, enhanced with professionals knowledgeable in the commercial trucking industry.

A: You might get the normal uncovered trucks for Standard jobs But Covered trucks for special jobs could be provided on request.

It might, because same vehicle can fulfill your requirement by making two rounds-depending on your moving distance. Tell us more about your contents through the app.

It can! Tell us more about your contents through the app.

Yes the driver is a working driver when he does not need to attend to truck parking and movements. However you are advised to choose van with man option if you think you need extra muscles to help you.

Yes – through prior information goods are insurable. You can get in touch with our Customer Care team for more details.

It is easy to change or cancel a reservation on CARGO CAB APP according to terms & condition mentioned on APP as well as website. If you have trouble with contact through application, please contact your local branch or for 24/7 assistance, call us at 04-2438138

If you need to extend your vehicle rental, at your earliest convenience, please contact your local branch to discuss your extension needs.

At this time, customers are not able to earn or redeem CARGO CAB Plus® points but we are in a process to offer such plans to our valued customers.

As soon as you discover that you have left a valuable or belonging in your rental vehicle, please contact the rental branch. You will need a description of the item you left behind along with details about which vehicle you rented.

Some of our locations offer free pickup service (geographic restrictions apply). Contact your local branch for details.

Review our website to learn more about our vehicles, locations and service. If you still have questions, call 04-2438138. A Cargo Cab representative will be glad to provide you with any additional information you might need.


Roadside assistance is the ability to get help when your car, truck, minivan gets stuck on the road. CARGO CAB is available to help with any roadside assistance need you may have.

Our roadside assistance network helps to ensure that wherever you are, on-the-spot service is always available to maximize uptime and minimize downtime 24/7. All you have to do is to download CARGO APP on your Android or I Phone and request service. If needing assistance dial 4-2438138

Our road side assistance provides:

Towing Service.
Jump Start.
Battery Change Service on the spot.
Flat Tyre.
Out of Fuel.

You only need to download the free Cargo Cab app and request service. An estimate is given instantly and you are only charged the amount needed for the service you require. It is as simple as that.

CARGO CAB is the first company of its nature in the market providing EXOTIC CARS TOWING in U.A.E. However roadside assistance for exotic cars will be introduced very soon.

CARGO CAB APP proudly offers minimal rates for providing services starting from AED 145/- for drop off anywhere within 10KMs, additional will be charges AED 2.5 per KM.

CARGO CAB with vide network of partners claims to be the quickest as compare to other options. However sometimes depends on demand and location.


Yes! We pack and unpack everything in all offered Packages. Our packages offer a variety of services to choose according to your need.

If you just need help with the big items, describe the items in your query and we will arrange labor accordingly

Yes! Get in touch with our Customer Care team so they can advise for the best option for you!

Yes, but If it is required and mentioned while ordering a service. We pack them to make sure they don’t get damaged during the move! ;)

Yes! That’s exactly what we offer in EXCLUSIVE package - no need to pay for an extra handyman.

Yes –Mostly our trucks for our both packages BUDGE and EXCLUSIVE are covered but sometimes for BUDGET package comes with normal open trucks.

Studio 7-8 Hours
1 Bedroom 9-10 Hours
2 Bedroom 12 Hours
3 Bedroom 02 Days
4 Bedroom 02 Days
5 Bedroom 03 Days

Depends upon your chosen package. For further details please contact us.

Medium Boxes — 45x45x45 cms — AED 6 per box

Large Boxes — 45x45x70 cms — AED 8 per box

No delivery charges will be imposed for if additional boxes delivered along with scheduled box delivery.

Often when clients are moving within the same building, they do not need trucks but sometimes longer dragging distances make use of trucks necessary. Customer Care can confirm this for you.

There are usually no discounts for moving within the same area because your moving crew still has to work as hard and as long.

Yes, they have undergone intensive manual handling and safety training.

Yes, our trucks are insured but if you need insurance of your goods please inform Cargo Cab prior to your move.

All trucks are Covered trucks for EXCLUSIVE and BUDGET jobs. For BUDGET, you might get the normal uncovered trucks sometimes.

Yes – We can arrange insurance of your goods on prior request. Please contact with our Customer Care team for more details.

our moving teams are extremely professional and well trained. Howe ever, at a rare occasion when something is damaged, we coordinate with the teams for reassemble if possible.

Our moving teams are extremely professional and well trained. Howe ever, at a rare occasion when something is damaged, we coordinate with the teams for reassemble if possible.

You can book for 8:00 AM or 9:00 AM. If you are moving a Studio Unit, you can also book for 11:00 AM.

We can! But please try to Help us and always check in advance with your building/community security if they allow move-ins for later in the day. Most communities in UAE do not allow late move-ins and have time restrictions on use of installation or wall drilling tools that can be noisy and inconvenient to your neighbors.

We use blankets, stretch film, corrugated sheets, and edge protectors, bubble wraps for your fragile items, tapes, and boxes.

Yes, we would need more muscle for the move so there will be additional labor charges to support manual movement of your home contents. Rates can be confirmed by Customer Care based on the quantum of your home contents.

A word of caution: big items will be carried around.

for MOVERS & PACKERS we have Standard packages offers available on our website for all kind of residential units. However for normal movements our system calculates the moving distance, estimated number of trucks, helpers, and installers.

Yes! It will - if the distance is more than 35 KMs. Please enter an accurate location so the system generates the best rates!