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Use of the CARGOCAB Service without obtaining Provider services is free of charge for users. CARGOCAB reserves the right to introduce certain fees in the future. However, CARGOCAB shall provide you with prior written notice of such fees. 

The rates for the services charged by Providers can be accessed through the CARGOCAB Service. These may be modified or updated by CARGOCAB from time to time. It is your own responsibility to remain informed about the current rates for the services. 

You agree that you will pay for all services you purchase from the Provider and that CARGOCAB may charge your credit card account as provided by you when registering for the CARGOCAB Service for the Provider services, including any taxes and late fees, as applicable, that may be accrued by or in connection with your account. You are responsible for the timely payment of all fees and for providing CARGOCAB with a valid credit card account for payment of all fees at all times. All payments are non-refundable, subject to applicable law. 

CARGOCAB uses a third-party payment processor (the “Payment Processor”) to link your credit card account to the CARGOCAB Service. The processing of payments or credits, as applicable, in connection with your use of the CARGOCAB Service will be subject to the terms, conditions and privacy policies of the Payment Processor and your credit card issuer in addition to these User Terms. CARGOCAB is not responsible for any errors by the Payment Processor and you hereby agree to release CARGOCAB from all liability arising from any acts or omissions of Payment Processor. In connection with your use of the CARGOCAB Service, CARGOCAB will obtain certain transaction details, which shall be maintained in accordance with CARGOCAB’s Privacy Policy. 

Customers making payments by Debit/Credit card either must be the cardholder or have the authorization of the cardholders. Any revoked card payments will be immediately transferred to our 3rd party collection agency for recollection with stipulated penalty charges incurred. 

Please note that to secure your booking with Cargo Cab; we will be required to take your debit/credit card details, including the registered address of the card. Please note that we will not process any payment until booking acceptance according to your need from your end. 


Payment is required by cleared funds in advance of the move, although we may under certain circumstances commence Work on payment of a deposit & accept payment of the balance of our charges on completion of the Work. 


We require at least 50% payment at the time of booking your move with the balance required prior to unloading at the destination address. 

If no payment is deposited or transferred to cargo Cab 12 hrs prior to move, it will be considered cancelled and you will not have any right to question about it. 

For those customers who are unable to be present at the final destination address, to make payment by cash Cargo Cab will receive the payment due to us in full at the time of loading. No disputes will be entered into and full payment due will be taken in advance. 

Except for Work subject to Quotation we only accept payment by Credit or Debit card. In the event that you do not pay us when Our charges are due we reserve the right to charge You, until Our charges are paid in full and you give us the right to make a police complaint after 07 working days if payment still not received from you. 

Once you select a Provider, please note the following:  

PAYMENT AUTHORIZATION: CARGOCAB will place an immediate payment authorization to your credit card account in the estimated amount of the service (or in the case of roadside assistance, Trucking, Towing the amount quoted in the CARGOCAB mobile application). 

However, the ultimate charge to your credit card account will be for the actual cost of the service.

This delivery policy (“Delivery Policy”) governs the shipment and delivery of any items / service you booked through CARGO CAB APP or website. This Delivery Policy is subject to the Terms of Use for the Cargo Cab App or website on which you made your booking.

In order to ensure that your delivery / service is processed as quickly as possible; we have choose the best service providers in market, However In no event will Cargo Cab or its third-party service providers be responsible for delays in delivery due to natural disasters, inclement weather, governmental acts, or any other situations beyond their reasonable control.

In the Booking cart, you will receive an Estimated Delivery Time. Please note that this is not a guaranteed arrival or delivery time for your order. Some areas may take longer due to the congestion of traffic to reach the required address. Our system calculates this estimated date considering: the total amount of time to process your order including: transit time for arrival of vehicle at 1 st required address and transit time to the delivery address.

When placing your order, we consider these factors when calculating the Estimated Delivery Time:

  • Booking Processing: The amount of time it takes for us to send your order to service provider. This typically takes 01 Minute however; some orders may take 05 min due to internet error or what so ever the reason it could be. 
  • Transit Time for delivery Van or towing van to arrive pick up address: The amount of time it takes service provider to leave his premises and arrive at the pickup address. 
  • Transit Time to Delivery Address: The amount of time it takes for service provider to reach at required address after loading from pick up address.

When the service provider receives your order and is ready to move to required address, they may attempt to contact you at the telephone number that you provided in your order. At that time, they will let you know what time they are able to reach to your area. Service is provided 24/7 according to your selection. 


The Service Provider will call you prior to the scheduled time and will provide you with an approximate time window. The service provider will make every effort to finish the job within the time window provided. 

We are contracted to perform the delivery service to the place of choice as per the delivery address mentioned in booking. If the delivery cannot be made to this address, the transporters will deliver your products in an alternate place but within 01 KM of the same address otherwise each KM will be charged as per tariff. Please make sure there is adequate access and space to complete the delivery.

Either you or your representative, that is 18 years of age or older, must be present to receive the transported material at the place of delivery on agreed upon day and time window. Cargo Cab & service provider will not accept any responsibility and material will be returned to the place of origin if shipper fails to arrange any person in a specified agreed time as per terms & conditions policy, or shipper can hold vehicle on wait against tariff rates for waiting after accorded free time.

This agreement is with you and CARGO CAB. Neither CARGO CAB nor the 3rd party Delivery Company that has been contracted by CARGO CAB to perform the delivery will be held responsible if you decide to hire a 3rd party contractor to accept and receive ( or sign if applicable) the handover of items without the notations of visible defects of packaging, damaged or missing items.

Please be sure to contact us (or sign the Delivery Order Note if applicable) in the presence of the Delivery Company representative to indicate your delivery has been received. Examine your material upon delivery to ensure that there are no visible signs of damaged, missing or incorrect pieces. In the event that there are missing or damaged please retain the item(s), indicate the problem to us over the phone or don’t forget to mention on the Delivery Note (if delivery note applicable or provided by shipper) contact us within 01 hours of your delivery. After one hour or with a proof of signed delivery receipt, without notations of missing or damaged represents your acceptance of the complete order in perfect condition. For any other problem with services, please refer to our customer.service@cargocabapp.com

There may be circumstances that require additional payment by you if the conditions mentioned have not been met or you require special services outside of our standard services.

[For example, if your address is not vehicle accessible, you were not available for your scheduled delivery, delivery not made due to unsafe conditions, etc.]

We cannot make any changes to the delivery address once your online order is placed. Orders placed online begin processing immediately in our system to ensure order fulfilment and to save time. If any address must be changed, your order will have to be cancelled and then replaced. We apologize for any inconvenience.
For information regarding our cancellation policy please visit the information in our cancellation policy or you may contact us for any other questions. 

We will make 01 delivery attempt for delivery. After the failed attempt at delivery place, the package(s) are returned to your shipping address and we will charge as double trip because estimate provided for charges was for one way travel. We will may ask for these excess charged to be paid before offloading of material. If you would like to have the service provider to re-delivered, you will be responsible for the re-delivery fee. 

Applicable service charges for your order will be provided prior to you completing your required job. Currently Cargo Cab doesn’t provide services except of selected cities mentioned on app and as well as on website so be careful while booking any move through Cargo Cab App or website. Multiple transactions may result in multiple posting to the cardholder’s monthly statement.

Estimated services, if available, are provided solely for your convenience and neither Cargo Cab nor its third-party service providers will be liable for any damages or loss as a result of the failure to meet a shipment with in estimated time.

Cargo cab will only accept booking with a valid street address, contact number and other necessary required information. We do not accept booking only with P.O. Boxes, to Army Post Office (APO) or General Post Office (GPO).

CARGO CAB APP & www.cargocabapp.com will NOT deal or provide any services or products to any of OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) sanctions in accordance with the law of U.A.E.

This Delivery Policy is subject to change without notice. The version of this Delivery Policy in effect at the time of your booking will govern your booking. Cargo Cab recommends you print or otherwise retain a copy of this Delivery Policy at the time of your purchase.

Effective Date: This Shipping and Delivery Policy was last revised on JAN, 21, 2018.

You may cancel OR postpone your order:-

1. Trucking
2. Towing
3. Roadside Assistance

  • For above mentioned services you can cancel or postpone your move within 05 minutes of the Provider dispatching a truck to your location at no cost to you.
  • If more than 05 minutes have elapsed after the Provider dispatched a truck and prior to driver arriving on scene, cancellation is subject to payment of 30% non-refundable charge.
  • You will be charged the 75% of the quoted service price for any of the following cancellation instances/reasons:
    • driver is on scene and you cancel for any reason;
    • driver determines you have inaccurately stated the conditions of your vehicle thus the cost of service will be higher than initially quoted and you cancel service;
    • You are gone on arrival (GOA) and/or fail to cancel service.
4. Movers & Packers Service:
  • Cancelled 2 days or more before the day on which the Work was due to commence- No charge
  • Cancellation 24 hrs before the day on which the Work was due to commence - 30% of quoted amount.
  • Cancellation less than 24 hrs before the day on which the Work was due to commence - 50% of deposit amount.


We will charge a Postponement fee: 

  • Postponed 2 days or more before the day on which the Work was due to commence – No charge 
  • Postponement 24 hrs before the day on which the Work was due to commence – 30% of quoted amount. 
  • Postponement 12 hrs before the day on which the Work was due to commence – 50% of deposit amount.

Refund policy

 Refunds are done at the end of each calendar month either by cheque or by bank transfer. We will charge Cancellation fee according to policy your credit/debit card. Your deposit will be refunded. A purchase made with a credit card: a refund will be issued to the original account. In case of postponement only agreed postponement fee will be charged to your credit or debit card. Your deposit will be retained against the future Work. CARGO CAB operates with AED and this is the only acceptable currency to book or purchase any of our services.


To the extent your description of the services needed and/or conditions impacting your vehicle are deficient, inaccurate or otherwise misstated and/or the services required are more extensive than your description indicated, the price quote provided through the CARGOCAB mobile application shall not be binding and you are responsible for paying for any additional services needed and/or requested.

For the avoidance of doubt:  

CARGOCAB itself does not provide any services, and CARGOCAB is not a services carrier. Any services are through the Provider. CARGOCAB solely provides the platform through which you and the Provider can learn about each other. The provision of the services by the Provider to you is therefore subject to any agreement that you choose to enter into with the Provider. CARGOCAB is never a party to any such agreement and you hereby agree to release CARGOCAB from all liability and claims arising from any acts or omissions of Provider. From time to time, we may update this Policy to reflect changes to our information practices. Any changes will be effective immediately upon the posting of the revised Policy.