About Cargo Cab Idea


We are remodeling the roadside assistance experience from the ground up for a new generation of consumers who are used to their smartphones instantly linking them with anything they need. On the cargo front, we continually raise industry standards by adopting and adapting the latest technology to make our logistics the most efficient and reliable. Therefore we are naturally proud of the accomplishment that we are the pioneers of the ONLY app that provides trucking, towing and road assistance. To add to our vast remit of services, we provide insurance policies tailored on demand.


We are continually pioneering industry standards through investment in technology. In a world of instantaneous communication, real-time tracking helps us to turn around cargo and roadside assistance services more efficiently.


We have a people-centric philosophy towards growth investing. We take an opportunistic approach that allows us to patiently wait for the right time to invest in truly outstanding teams, in our operations and indeed technology.