Driving Awareness

If you get caught speeding these days, you may be offered one of two options. If you're a repeat offender, if you've overstepped the limit by a certain amount or if you're simply unlucky, you'll be given a hefty fine and points on your license. However, first-time offenders or those who are only 1-2mph over the limit may be offered a driver awareness course instead.

Experienced trainers

We work hard to provide high quality training that drivers find interesting, informative and useful, in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Courses that suit your lifestyle

We offer accessible training courses at good locations throughout the country at various times during weekdays, evenings and at weekends.

National Speed Awareness Course

The National Speed Awareness course is a 4 hour course (with a 15 minute break) designed for drivers who have exceed the legal speed limit. This may have been due to a lapse in concentration or because of a lack of awareness of the limit for the road.

Content to make you think

We want everyone to make better driving decisions after their course so we provide information to learn and time to discuss and reflect, using National Driver Offenders Retraining Scheme (NDORS) content.

What is the speed awareness course?

Booking a speed awareness course is likely to cost somewhere between AED 85 and AED 100.
Ultimately then you’re paying around about the same as you would if you were given (or chose) the minimum fine for speeding (which is £100). Many prefer to pay for the speed awareness course though, since there are no penalty points on your licence included with this, unlike with the fine.